My fees for individual counselling are as follows:

  • Initial Assessment Appointment £60.00 (50-minute session, fee payable in advance)
  • Individual Session Following Assessment £60.00 (50-minute session, fee payable in advance)

All fees are currently required to be paid in advance of the appointment.

If any reports or letters are required, then the fee will depend on the type of report and letter needed and therefore will be set around this.

Cancellations/Payment Before First Session

If a session is to be cancelled I need at least 48 hours notice of the cancellation. Any less than 48 hours and the full fee of £60.00 will be charged.

I also require an initial payment of £120.00 (the equivalent of two counselling appointments) before the first session can take place. £60.00 will be held in reserve until the final session, unless an appointment is missed without adequate notice, in which case it will be used to pay for the missed appointment. This will ensure a weekly counselling appointment with me and I can then reserve a day and time for you that will be yours for as long as you require it.

Currently I am not able to offer reduced fees for counselling appointments.