Most people at some point in their lives will struggle with the demands and complexities of the modern world. These struggles are often influenced and exacerbated by previous experiences or events which then effect the way we think and feel about ourselves, other people and the wider world. No two people experience things exactly the same way.

Some people may become anxious or depressed when times are tough (or sometimes for no obvious reason at all) while others may find it difficult to control their anger, develop sleep problems, issues around eating/body image or find that bad memories from the past may be constantly  popping up in their thoughts or dreams.

Research shows that one in six people in the UK will experience some form of mental health issue during their lifetime (though I believe the actual figure is actually much higher than that).



MBACP (Accred): On BACP Accredited Register of Counsellors and Psychotherapists


Certificate in Supervision
Therapy Challenges– Stratford Upon Avon – November 2018

Postgraduate Certificate in Psychological Trauma
Chester University – Chester – January 2017

Diploma in Transactional Analysis Therapeutic Counselling
Elan Training and Development – Hale, Manchester 2005-2009

NVQ3 Health and Social Care
Bournville College – Bournville – Birmingham 2007

Cert HE Psychology
The University of Birmingham – Birmingham 2003-2005

Transactional Analysis 101
Berne Institute – Nottingham 2004


Elpis Counselling – Bromsgrove – Jan 2018-Present

OH Assist – Midlands – Jan 2018-Present

St Richards Hospice – Worcester – 2016-2017

Ingeus – Liverpool, Merseyside – 2013-2016

Asia Health International – Koh Chang, Thailand – 2012-2013

Richmond Psychosocial Foundation International – Richmond/Putney, London – 2010-2012

Connect Therapeutic Community – Moseley, Birmingham – 2004-2010

It is common for people to feel that they are weak or useless or failing in some way if they reach out and seek support for what they are going through. The British ‘stiff upper lip’ still exists and often people hold a belief that talking to someone about their thoughts and feelings is wrong and they should be able to ‘just deal with it’.

The problem with this is that over time negative thoughts, feelings and experiences can build up to a point we cant push them down or away any more and we start to feel overwhelmed, stressed as well as emotionally, mentally and physically unwell.

Therfore, if you are reading this and it is the first time you have thought about or looked for a counsellor or therapist then you have already done one of the most difficult parts of therapy. Realising that you need some support and being able to own what is happening to you and not ignoring it is often the most difficult step to take in the road to a happier and contented life.

The road to understanding ourselves and why we think, feel and behave the way we do (even though it makes us feel bad) is often a very rocky and bumpy one. My experience tells me that those who are motivated and open to the prospect of change can get to a place where they are better able to make their way through this wonderfully strange, unpredictable, confusing and often scary world, with a better understanding of their place and the place of other people within it.

If you wish to find out more about counselling or psychotherapy please contact me and if you think it is for you, we can make an appointment that might help you change your life and lead you down a road of self discovery and clarity which will enable you to make the most of yourself and the people around you.