Sea Squirts – A Study in Depression and Anxiety…..

15 June 2022

I am currently listening to an excellent podthing series based on the work of Oliver Sacks, a neurologist who some people might know from his rather awesome book, ‘The Man Who Mistook his Wife for a Hat’. He was also the person Robin Williams played in the film ‘Awakenings’. That film used Oliver’s work with people in a mental health college in the 1960’s as the basis for the story. The series I am listening to is written by another Neurologist who worked with Oliver and knew him well,  Indre Viskontas, and it is well worth a listen if … Read more

Sweet Dancer

23 May 2022

I was going to put all of this in one blog, but the Happy Monday blog took on a life off its own somewhat, hence, two blogs! One of the articles I refer to in … Read more

Another Happy Monday

23 May 2022

Hullo and happy Monday. Unless you are a Liverpool or Burnley football fan. I would imagine today is far from happy if you are! Anyway, I digress… What has inspired todays, ‘vaguely linked to psychology … Read more

Conversion of Common Sense…

01 April 2022

Two blogs in a week! It really must be Spring! That said what I am writing today I could not hold onto as it is something that affects my profession and by association my reputation. … Read more

For Foos Sake

28 March 2022

Well. It has been a while since I felt I had the time and energy to write something on here and if I am honest, I don’t really feel like I have the energy now … Read more

Educational Idiocy

15 October 2021

My wife and I spent over an hour last night comforting a fifteen year old who was incredibly frustrated, anxious and stressed. As you may guess from his age, the main stressor was school, and … Read more

Extreme Non Judgement!

24 September 2021

I read something interesting this morning. It hooked me into reading it by asking a question along the lines of: ‘How is arguing with people how hold extreme views going for you?’ As anyone who … Read more

Covid and Optimism – What can it cost?

14 September 2021

As someone who has been in and around psychology in some form for nearly twenty years it is always exciting when I discover something psychological that I have never encountered before. It is a real … Read more

Dog Days

15 September 2020

There is absolutely loads of research out in the world that clearly shows a link between pet ownership and mental health. The vast majority of it states that owning a pet such as a dog … Read more

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

12 March 2020

I have just emailed all of my clients the below message around Coronavirus. Not much more to add really, but felt it was worth putting onto my site somewhere.   Dear As I am sure … Read more