Technology and Trauma and a Grumpy Therapist

26 April 2024

‘In trying to solve the terrifying problems that face us in the world today, we naturally turn to the things we do best. We play from strength, and our strength is science and technology. To contain a population explosion we look for better methods of birth control. Threatened by a nuclear holocaust, we build bigger deterrent forces and anti-ballistic-missile systems. We try and stave off world famine with new foods and better ways of growing them. Improved sanitation and medicine will, we hope, control disease, better housing and transportation will solve the problems of the ghettos, and new ways … Read more

Elpis Counselling Associates

14 April 2023

On a much cheerier note than the blog I posted earlier, I am so happy to announce that Elpis has its first associate counsellors!! Associates are qualified counsellors that I know professionally and are happy … Read more

Sky Blue Education – Possible Scam

14 April 2023

**I have just changed the name of the company in this blog as it has been pointed out to me that the company at issue is ‘Sky Blue Education’ and not Blue Sky Education as … Read more

Eating Disorder Chaos

23 March 2023

I read with dismay this morning another article decrying the current state of treatment for people with eating disorders who are being referred on from GP’s. I have pasted a link to the article below: … Read more

Footballing Hope?!?

23 March 2023

Yesterday was a day when the mainstream media was focussed to a large degree on an example of how toxic masculinity and narcissism to a probably disordered level, can negatively impact on everything around it. … Read more

Serotonin or Out?

15 March 2023

An interesting article in the Guardian again t’other day caught my eye and happily distracted me from the rest of the news. Link to it is below: It makes the rather wonderful point that … Read more

Wisdomous Words – Grief

10 November 2022

I talk about writing a book a lot. I might have even mentioned it on a blog or two in the past. It is something I have always wanted to do and something that I … Read more

Importance of Peer Support for Psychotherapists and Counsellors

24 October 2022

‘It’s terribly important for group therapists to become members in group therapy because you learn so much about yourself, receive feedback from others on how you relate to others, how you come across interpersonally to … Read more

Sea Squirts – A Study in Depression and Anxiety…..

15 June 2022

I am currently listening to an excellent podthing series based on the work of Oliver Sacks, a neurologist who some people might know from his rather awesome book, ‘The Man Who Mistook his Wife for … Read more

Sweet Dancer

23 May 2022

I was going to put all of this in one blog, but the Happy Monday blog took on a life off its own somewhat, hence, two blogs! One of the articles I refer to in … Read more