I am very happy to be in a position to put onto the website, details of the first Elpis Counselling associates. I often say to prospective clients that my style and approach to counselling and therapy may not suit them and that they should always meet more than one therapist before deciding on who they feel safest working with. Every client is different and unique and the same is true of all counsellors and therapists! As such I am really pleased to be have some fellow counsellors under the Elpis umbrella.

I do also have to mention, that even though I know all of my associates professionally, their being on the website is not an endorsement of them by myself or Elpis. I am not in a position to recommend specific counsellors to people who I have not assessed properly first.

I do recommend that if you are interested in counselling and you are drawn to any of my associates profiles, that you arrange a phone call, Zoom or face to face appointment so you can meet them and decide yourself whether they are the right person for you to work with.

Sam and Rachel's details are below so please feel free to click on their link and find out more about them.

Current Elpis Counselling Associates