“Mark is a gem of a human being. He is genuine and unwavering in his dedication to the wellbeing and dignity of the people he works with. He has both the capacity for viewing life with humour where it is healthy to do so, and yet in darker moments shows the greatest depths of compassion of anybody I have ever met. He certainly held more compassion for me than I thought was even necessary – which I guess said a lot. He is one of those rare people who is actually non-judgemental and, as a result, it was easy to build up trust with him. I came to Mark at a point in my life where I felt utterly worthless and unable to put one foot in front of the other any more – I’d been trying for so long to ‘fix’ the issues I was dealing with in life on my own and pushing myself down even further for being unable to do so. He gently but firmly challenged perspectives I didn’t know I had that were trapping me inside my own head, full of self criticism, tension and frankly misery. Through his treating me with kindness and compassion, he gradually taught me to start to offer the same to myself on a subconscious level. Realising that that was new to me was a shock.   In those first few weeks, even just the knowledge that I had an allocated time and space each week in which I could face things with his help made me start to feel lighter and like there was actually a light at the end of the tunnel, even though I still had no idea of how exactly I would be getting there. Any time I fell apart (whether with relief or exasperation!), I felt completely safe doing so with him there to support me and make sure I was back together again enough to make it through to the other side, in my own time. I would encourage anyone considering working with Mark to take a leap of faith and just give it a try. If you’re worried that you might not like the whole ‘therapy’ thing, then rest assured that he is not the kind of person who would ever make anyone feel uncomfortable for their choices, even if they chose to not go back again, because that is just not the point of his role. And if you’re uneasy about the cost of therapy, then take it from someone who’s been where you are – you are worth the investment. The point of therapy is that you are worth the investment. I cannot stress that enough. It probably sounds clichéd, but I know that the hours I have spent with Mark will ripple out through the rest of my life. I will always be grateful for having had that time. I have heard so many stories of supposed ‘professionals’ who make things worse, and now that I’ve been fortunate enough to work with someone like Mark the examples I do hear are stark and jarring in comparison to my own experience. I wish everyone who needs a bit of extra support in life (which, let’s be honest, is most of us at some point) could have a Mark to talk to. Since originally writing this (which was just after I finished regular sessions with Mark), I’ve been through a sustained period of immense stress and upheaval in my personal life. I said that I thought the time spent with him would ripple out through my life – and it already has, in that I’ve coped with more than I could have imagined for longer than I would have thought was possible – and yet as I sit here on the other side of it and take a moment to really look around me, I realise that it’s not just ripples but a complete reset. The life I have now, the choices I had to make to get myself and my family here… I have Mark to thank: first, and least expected, for calling out the unconscious choices I had accepted for myself. Second, for the courage to change them.”

‘I found Mark by looking at a list of therapists and decided he seemed approachable and pragmatic, luckily, I was absolutely right. When I first met with Mark I was in a relationship that wasn’t rewarding, I was questioning what was important to me and unsure of my own value to me and my children. Through easy conversation, gentle probing, some tough questions and genuine humour I built a relationship with Mark where it felt as though I was talking to a friend and examining things that initially appeared both minor and significant – it was always interesting to me how small issues were often the root to something more substantial.

We reached a point where I had identified the changes I wanted to make, been supported through implementing them and understood myself much more which has resulted in my becoming much more comfortable with me and my life. It was a bittersweet moment when I said goodbye to Mark, I know his door is open and I am much stronger for my time working with him, but boy do I miss those weekly chats.

If you are reading this, then you might be looking for a therapist and are wondering whether you should spend some time talking with a therapist. I honestly can’t recommend Mark enough to take that first step with.’

‘Mark is warm, kind and friendly. His willingness to listen without judging make him easy to trust. Mark’s careful use of his intuition means that not knowing what to say next is doesn’t stop the therapy process, and his openness and compassion ensure that even difficult issues are possible to talk through without feeling ashamed. Mark is honest and enthusiastic, he helped me to persevere through some extremely difficult times, and stuck with me when it must have been tempting to walk away. Mark’s willingness to really see me when I felt, and at times tried to be, invisible has been a major factor in enabling me to make massive changes so that instead of being self-destructive, needing 24hr residential care and unable to work, I am living independently, working full time and enjoying life.’

‘Mark became my counsellor during the last year of my husbands life. He helped me come to terms with the mountains of feelings that constantly whirled around my head. He didn’t just help me to deal with my husbands illness, but enabled me to understand how important it was to look after myself. I always found Mark to be a calm and compassionate counsellor who gently encouraged and challenged me to explore and eventually accept very difficult feelings.His help through the most distressing time of my life has been invaluable.’

‘As I’m sure is the case for many people, the decision to begin therapy was a difficult one for me. Having experienced difficulties for many years following a childhood bereavement and trauma I felt anxious about the prospect of discussing my emotions. From the first moment I made contact with Mark he was calm, patient and reassuring. I felt at ease quickly and Mark excels in explaining the process of therapy, demystifying what could have felt intimidating.

Since I started working with Mark I’ve been able to open up and discuss difficulties I never expected to be able to share. With Mark there is never judgement but always empathy and kindness. Mark has an flexible approach and has always been clear that I’m treated as an individual with Mark adapting his therapeutic methods to meet my needs.

Mark has helped me begin the process of healing and I feel very lucky to have found Mark to work with me through this stage of my life.’