Fees & availability

Current Appointment Availability

I have limited availability at the moment, but I am in a position to take on new clients. If you are interested in booking in, please email me or fill out the contact form on the website and I will let you know the times I have free.

Elpis now has some associate counsellors who are available. Currently they have good availability and a different pricing policy, so if you are interested in knowing more about how they may be able to support you, click on this link:  https://www.elpiscounselling.co.uk/associates/


My fees for individual counselling are as follows:

  • Initial Assessment Appointment £100.00 (50-minute session, fee payable in advance)
  • Individual Session Following Assessment £100.00 (50-minute session, fee payable in advance)

All fees are required to be paid in advance of the appointment.

Depending on your circumstances I may, on occasion, be able to offer concessionary fees to people who are not able to pay the full amount.

Please do not let cost prevent you from getting in touch. We may be able to agree a rate that you can afford, which in turn may help you make the changes you’re seeking.

Cancellations/Refund Policy

If a session is to be cancelled I need at least 48 hours notice of the cancellation. Any less than 48 hours and the full fee of £100.00 will be charged.

If there is an overpayment made then the overpayment amount will be put forward towards the next sessions fee. If there is not going to be another session, then a refund of the overpayment will be made.

If a session has been paid for and cancelled in good time (48 hours before the appointment), then the fee paid will go towards the next session. If there is no next session then a refund will be offered.