What a Difference a Day Makes

Once again the Guardian inspires me! This time it is an article around mental health provision for young people and their experience once they reach the age of eighteen. It is well worth a read and the link is below: https://www.theguardian.com/society/2019/mar/20/abandoned-at-18-the-young-people-denied-mental-health-support-because-they-are-adults Before I start though I must provide some balance to my own argument. I … Read more

Depression and Drugs

Well. I am more surprised than anyone to be writing on here again so soon. My inspiration for todays ‘blog’ is again something that occurred whilst I was lying in bed this morning, minus the cream and brown furball who was literally in the doghouse and was made to sleep on the floor last night. … Read more

‘Interesting Times’

In 1966, the year the English football team lifted proudly the FIFA world cup aloft as they skipped around the Wembley pitch, the American Robert.F.Kennedy (not the ex-president, John, this was his brother who was the senator for New York in 1966, two years before he was assassinated as his brother was before him) said: … Read more