Counselling/Psychotherapy Room to Hire

To all those that are interested I am now in a position to offer a clean, professional and good sized counselling/psychotherapy room to hire to all the good people of Bromsgrove and the surrounding areas. It is a really nice space and a million times more comfortable than some rooms I have working in over the years. I have put some pictures on this page so you get a sense of it, but they don’t do it justice if I am honest!

I am trying to keep the cost of the room down as low as possible (though the cost of living experience we are all going through at the moment is making that tricky!) and I really want this room to be well used by those either just starting out in private practice, or those looking to expand and concentrate more energy into their private practice. Good counsellors and therapists are needed more than ever at the moment and I want this counselling room to be be the springboard for as many successful private practices as it can manage!

If you are interested in more details, send me an email, text or call me and we can discuss costs etc. I have a room hire agreement that I can send out to anyone interested as well which covers everything.

Any questions around the room please let me know.