Coronavirus (COVID-19)

12 March 2020

I have just emailed all of my clients the below message around Coronavirus. Not much more to add really, but felt it was worth putting onto my site somewhere.   Dear As I am sure you are aware there is an increasing level of concern for a lot of people around the Coronavirus pandemic. I am sending this message to all of my clients to reassure that I will be able to continue to work remotely and honour our future appointments should there be an increase in restriction on travel or public meetings. If you are already concerned about … Read more

Depression and Drugs

08 March 2019

Well. I am more surprised than anyone to be writing on here again so soon. My inspiration for todays ‘blog’ is again something that occurred whilst I was lying in bed this morning, minus the … Read more

‘Interesting Times’

07 March 2019

In 1966, the year the English football team lifted proudly the FIFA world cup aloft as they skipped around the Wembley pitch, the American Robert.F.Kennedy (not the ex-president, John, this was his brother who was … Read more