Sweet Dancer

23 May 2022

I was going to put all of this in one blog, but the Happy Monday blog took on a life off its own somewhat, hence, two blogs! One of the articles I refer to in the previous blog is about a CAMHS consultant who has left her role as she struggled to work within what she describes as a broken system. A link to the article is below and it is an interesting read: This got me thinking about how we treat young people around their mental health and for the first time in a while I had … Read more

Lack of Self Care… Beware!

19 July 2019

Self care. The importance of this is something that is installed into the psyche of all trainee counsellors and therapists. From the first training session, we are rightly told that we must look after ourselves … Read more

Gender and the Therapeutic Experience

31 May 2019

This blog is on a subject I have deliberately avoided in the past. The main reason for that when this subject has been discussed by me, in groups or with another therapist, I often end … Read more

Off-Rolled by the NHS

14 May 2019

An excellent piece in the Guardian again today on one of the most insidious practices common in most NHS regions. Patient’s mental health status being manipulated so that a manager sat in an office, likely … Read more

Jeremy Kyle

14 May 2019

So. It has finally happened. Someone who has appeared on Jeremy Kyle’s show has died, apparently as a direct result of being on the show and what happened to them whilst there. The only surprise … Read more

‘Judge not, that you be not judged.’

17 April 2019

I do not ascribe one particular form of morality or goodness to any one form of religion or belief, but there are certain phrases and stories that I was told as a child in assemblies … Read more

Cannabis – ‘THC or not THC!’

26 March 2019

Cannabis. Friend or foe? This is another one of those questions that provokes very polarised views amongst health professional and general public alike. Some view cannabis as essentially harmless, a ‘social drug’ with few side … Read more

What a Difference a Day Makes

21 March 2019

Once again the Guardian inspires me! This time it is an article around mental health provision for young people and their experience once they reach the age of eighteen. It is well worth a read … Read more

Anxiety, Social Anxiety or Introversion?

12 March 2019

Another blog! The Guardian website has a lot to answer for!! I read with interest yesterday an article on introversion by a writer who only recognised that they were themselves introverted after many years of … Read more

Depression and Drugs

08 March 2019

Well. I am more surprised than anyone to be writing on here again so soon. My inspiration for todays ‘blog’ is again something that occurred whilst I was lying in bed this morning, minus the … Read more