Technology and Trauma and a Grumpy Therapist

26 April 2024

‘In trying to solve the terrifying problems that face us in the world today, we naturally turn to the things we do best. We play from strength, and our strength is science and technology. To contain a population explosion we look for better methods of birth control. Threatened by a nuclear holocaust, we build bigger deterrent forces and anti-ballistic-missile systems. We try and stave off world famine with new foods and better ways of growing them. Improved sanitation and medicine will, we hope, control disease, better housing and transportation will solve the problems of the ghettos, and new ways … Read more

Another Happy Monday

23 May 2022

Hullo and happy Monday. Unless you are a Liverpool or Burnley football fan. I would imagine today is far from happy if you are! Anyway, I digress… What has inspired todays, ‘vaguely linked to psychology … Read more

Conversion of Common Sense…

01 April 2022

Two blogs in a week! It really must be Spring! That said what I am writing today I could not hold onto as it is something that affects my profession and by association my reputation. … Read more

For Foos Sake

28 March 2022

Well. It has been a while since I felt I had the time and energy to write something on here and if I am honest, I don’t really feel like I have the energy now … Read more

Educational Idiocy

15 October 2021

My wife and I spent over an hour last night comforting a fifteen year old who was incredibly frustrated, anxious and stressed. As you may guess from his age, the main stressor was school, and … Read more

Extreme Non Judgement!

24 September 2021

I read something interesting this morning. It hooked me into reading it by asking a question along the lines of: ‘How is arguing with people how hold extreme views going for you?’ As anyone who … Read more

Covid and Optimism – What can it cost?

14 September 2021

As someone who has been in and around psychology in some form for nearly twenty years it is always exciting when I discover something psychological that I have never encountered before. It is a real … Read more

Dog Days

15 September 2020

There is absolutely loads of research out in the world that clearly shows a link between pet ownership and mental health. The vast majority of it states that owning a pet such as a dog … Read more

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

12 March 2020

I have just emailed all of my clients the below message around Coronavirus. Not much more to add really, but felt it was worth putting onto my site somewhere.   Dear As I am sure … Read more

Business Practicing?

25 February 2020

I am not a businessman. Ask any of my clients who have been coming to see me for any length of time and they will confirm this to you. I don’t understand marketing much beyond … Read more