Sea Squirts – A Study in Depression and Anxiety…..

15 June 2022

I am currently listening to an excellent podthing series based on the work of Oliver Sacks, a neurologist who some people might know from his rather awesome book, ‘The Man Who Mistook his Wife for a Hat’. He was also the person Robin Williams played in the film ‘Awakenings’. That film used Oliver’s work with people in a mental health college in the 1960’s as the basis for the story. The series I am listening to is written by another Neurologist who worked with Oliver and knew him well,  Indre Viskontas, and it is well worth a listen if … Read more

Depression and Drugs

08 March 2019

Well. I am more surprised than anyone to be writing on here again so soon. My inspiration for todays ‘blog’ is again something that occurred whilst I was lying in bed this morning, minus the … Read more

‘Interesting Times’

07 March 2019

In 1966, the year the English football team lifted proudly the FIFA world cup aloft as they skipped around the Wembley pitch, the American Robert.F.Kennedy (not the ex-president, John, this was his brother who was … Read more